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What NJ’s 2015 Energy Master Plan needs to include: Take 1

NJ State emp graphicThe New Jersey Board of Public Utilities holds three hearings this month (August 2015) to collect public input in preparation for upding the state’s Energy Master Plan (EMP). Individual state goals for cutting power plant emissions are laid out in President Obama’s new national Clean Power Plan. Assemblyman Dan Benson explains their impact on New Jersey’s EMP:

States can .. decide for themselves how to get there .. (but) if New Jersey fails to produce our own plan in compliance with the Clean Power Plan, we may be forced by the federal government into a program of its design.

This is the Assemblyman’s list of characteristics of a strong state EMP – which you can freely incorporate into your spoken or written testimony. You can also review Environment New Jersey’s list of suggested talking points:

  • Obtains input from policymakers, energy suppliers, utilities, consumers, and other stakeholders
  • Coordinates specific state implementation planning so that it will adhere to the Federal Government’s Clean Power Plan’s standards and other Federal rules
  • Includes both supply and demand-side requirements
  • Focuses on energy efficiency programs and renewable energy goals
  • Builds upon a record of the past, what was successful and what needs to change
  • Seeks to provide a blueprint for the future, with achievable and specific goals
  • Examines the impact of consumer behavior on energy usage, and how does education and other policymaking modify market and consumer behavior in a beneficial manner

The Sierra Club will help you sign up and prepare testimony for an EMP hearing.

There’s Clean Energy Call to Action rally outside Newark’s Aug 11 EMP hearing. Feel free to join in – or just check out the materials.

Tell why clean energy is important to you at a BPU hearing

solar & windThe Sierra Club asks, “Whose energy future will it be, yours or Governor Christie’s?” Join other New Jersey residents and the Sierra Club to speak out for clean energy at a hearing near you. Sign up with the Sierra Club to speak – here.

The state’s new Energy Master Plan (EMP) is being put together right now. The plan can help set New Jersey on a path towards clean energy and make dirty fuel and the climate damage it causes, a thing of the past.

The Board of Public Utilities has been accepting public comments on the plan and are now holding public hearings. These hearings are a rare opportunity to directly impact climate change and air pollution policy in the Garden State. Governor Christie’s 2011 EMP slowed down New Jersey’s clean energy implementation tremendously, but now we can reverse that trend and recover our state’s status as a national frontrunner in renewable energy infrastructure.

This is your chance to show you support more energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in New Jersey like wind and solar. Sign up with the Sierra Club to speak at a hearing near you – here. Once you’ve signed up a Sierra Club staffer will reach out to share talking points and support that will make your attendance a success.

Through August 25 2015, you can also submit a comment to the BPU via the Sierra Club website or send it directly to NJ State. Here are your commenting options:

  • Comment in person at one of the three public hearings taking place on August 11, 13 and 17; or
  • Submit a public comment electronically through the Sierra Club’s website. Please feel free to edit any information which already appears in the Sierra Club’s form by adding to it or you can entirely replace their wording with your own.
  • Send your comment directly to the State of NJ. Written public comments on updates to the 2011 Energy Master Plan can be submitted by close of business on Wednesday, August 24, 2015 to EMPupdate@bpu.state.nj.us

Hearing Details

WHEN: Tuesday, August 11, 1-5pm
WHERE: Seton Hall Law School, 1109 Raymond Boulevard, Newark

WHEN: Thursday, August 13, 2015, 1-5pm
WHERE: State House Annex, Committee Room 11, 125 West State Street, Trenton

WHEN: Monday, August 17, 2015, 1-5pm
WHERE: Stockton College Campus Center, 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway

Questions: Contact Christine Guhl-Sadovy at christine.guhl@sierraclub.org

EMP Hearing Resources:

  1. Sign up with the Sierra Club to speak here.
  2. Join the rally taking place outside Newark’s BPU hearing on 11 Aug in support of clean energy, much needed in urban hubs. Download fliers in English and Spanish
  3. BPU Hearing Schedule for the NJ Energy Master Plan 2015
  4. NJ Spotlight article looks at some issues the BPU needs community feedback on

How green is NJ? Sustainable Jersey’s Sustainable State Report tells all.

sustainable state of NJ reportThe 2015 NJ Sustainable State of the State Report is now available as a free download. The report is published by Sustainable Jersey, the statewide program helping municipalities become greener and more resilient. It was released on June 10 2015 at the Sustainable Jersey Summit.

Assembly Dems act to protect NJ from pipeline tragedy like Montana’s

McKeon & Jasey
Assemblywoman Mila Jasey and Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) reiterated their opposition to the proposal for the Pilgrim Pipeline, a 178-mile oil pipeline that would cross 30 New Jersey municipalities, after a Montana pipeline breached on Saturday January 17 2015, spilling up to 50,000 gallons of crude oil, some of which seeped into the Yellowstone River and has contaminated the local water supply. They fear that the Albany, NY to Linden, NJ Pilgrim Oil Pipelines could cause a similar disaster in New Jersey.

No Pilgrim Pipeline

“Presumably, Bridger Pipeline told the people of Montana that this catastrophe was utterly impossible – just like Pilgrim Pipeline has tried to placate us with claims that advanced technology makes pipelines safe – but the Montana residents whose tap water smells and tastes like oil unfortunately now know all too well the very real threat an oil pipeline is to land, water and the public’s health and safety,” said Jasey. “Safe drinking water is a fundamental human need, and particularly in light of this – the most recent of far too many examples – we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that New Jersey never faces a similar disaster.”

Jasey noted that constituents have expressed their disapproval of the Pilgrim Pipeline proposal at numerous community meetings. The legislators plan to hold more public forums to hear the concerns of local residents.

“The Pilgrim Pipeline project simply is not right for New Jersey, and our residents have made their stance against it absolutely clear. In addition to denouncing the potential for the Pilgrim Pipeline to contaminate the Highlands, which supply drinking water for two-thirds of New Jersey’s residents, they reject exposing the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, home to numerous plants and animals, to one of the most flammable fuels in the world,” said McKeon. “The oil spill in Montana is a tragic manifestation of every fear New Jersey families and environmental advocates have about the Pilgrim Pipeline proposal. Our first priority is always protecting the people and natural beauty of New Jersey, and as such, we will remain steadfast in fighting against this plan.”

Jasey and McKeon are sponsors of a bipartisan resolution to oppose the Pilgrim Pipeline project (AR-191). The measure in December gained Assembly approval.