Once a stable, stone country home features water and light

prior stab le now homeThis comfortable country home was rebuilt to resemble the original stone and mud composition of the stable it once was, but behind the mud bonding stones walls together is concrete to make them more solid. The home features water from two streams that is integrated throughout its design for the convenience of residents, the sound and beauty of nature and to water the landscape.

Energy is generated on site. Water flow powers turbines which supplement in winter months the solar energy captured by panels situated near the house at ground level. The house temperature is partially moderated by being built into the hillside at the rear. In the front, floor to ceiling glass doors slide to create huge openings which allow the moist air of the water collector in the central courtyard area of the house to waft through the building, cooling the air without need for electric powered air conditioning. On winter days, huge shutters on wheels which resemble wooden doors are pulled close to help the house retain heat produced by the sunlight that is collected via the south-facing glass doors.

The structure’s outside is rustic, but the inside is clean, white and stainless modern with bathrooms featuring natural stone sinks and shower enclosures. Who wouldn’t love to spend some time in this magical space?

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