Raise your voice against Great Adventure destroying 18,000+ trees instead of putting solar on its parking lot

Jim Florio opposes great adventure forest destruction
Former Gov. Jim Florio opposes Great Adventure’s forest destruction plan. Photo credit: Jennifer Peacock
Great Adventure has 100 acres of parking lots sitting out reflecting sunlight all year round helping to increase global warming. The perfect place for solar panels, as Clean Water Action NJ points out: “Green energy and shade for cars and people.” So why is the Texas based company planning instead to demolish 70 acres of 18,000 plus full-growth trees for its solar farm?

In May, the Department of Environmental Protection offered to buy the forest with Green Acres dollars for the state’s open space inventory, but the entertainment company wasn’t swayed. NJ Spotlight quotes assistant DEP commissioner Richard Boornazian, who wrote in a letter to Six Flags,

“We oppose large solar projects that damage or destroy previously undisturbed resources, such as the project you proposed … Such projects are entirely inconsistent with our mission and with our guidance for solar siting.”

100 Jackson, NJ residents residents turned out at a town hearing few days ago to ask why the forest destruction is still being considered. Help by raising your voice too! As CWANJ’s director writes in an email,

There will be another hearing and much more. You don’t have to be from Jackson to be involved…anyone can attend and speak at the hearings, write letters and (spread the word through) social media.

Governor Jim Florio cautions,

“The reputational risk for the company,” Gov. Florio added, “is very high. The whole idea of a facility that caters to young people, children, and doing the things that they’re doing and having the negative impact climate-change-wise is something that will not resonate well with the young people.”

Start by signing the petition.

To get special updates on the campaign, email Director David Pringle and follow CWANJ on Facebook or Twitter.

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