Kimi’s Exxon-Mobil settlement comment made the news

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Thanks to Scott Reddin, I just learned that a comment I made to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Christie’s Exxon-Mobil settlement was quoted in an article on This is the settlement where Christie turns a $9B settlement for polluting our state into a $250M one – and then takes the $250M.

James M. O’Neill wrote

Kimi Wei of Fair Lawn wrote that Exxon “should be made to understand that the earth is a common asset belonging to all. It cannot be used by some for profit while many others experience loss of enjoyment and access to the land.”

Almost sounds profound, right?

Senator Raymond Lesniak is taking a strong stand in favor of making Exxon-Mobil pay what the damages are worth. He’s got a petition going. Let’s support his stand with our signatures and prayers, and see how far we can move the dial towards fair.

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