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Watch DiCaprio’s Before the Flood film on saving the planet from climate change for free via NatGeo

Source: still from Before the Flood
Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio is a UN Messenger of Peace and now a producer of the documentary Before The Flood. In this film, DiCaprio takes us on a journey to see how climate change is evolving due to human actions, and he reveals how we are empowered to act to prevent it from permanently and chaotically disrupting life on our planet for nature and people.

Before the Flood debuted on the NatGeo channel on 30 October 2016 and is available free for viewing on the National Geographic Channel and YouTube.

Talking about #BeforeTheFlood across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will earn donations to Pristine Seas and the Wildlife Conservation Society (up to $50K each)

Let’s change our ways and prevent the 6th global species extinction

globe in leaf in handsThe Guardian’s Jan Zalasiewizc covers the release of the paper last Friday by Gerardo Caballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and his team. They warn of an upcoming 6th global species extinction that differs from past extinctions (of dinosaurs, for example) only because it is voluntary rather than rooted in natural occurrences. Voluntary, as in man is choosing to create it.

The good news is that Caballos apparently thinks that man can still choose to stop this from happening. Pope Francis shares this view in the release of his encyclical, “On Care for Our Common Home”.

We should remember that when we talk about the impending destruction of nature, we’re also talking about the destruction of people – because how can we survive without it? In short, we should pay close attention to sound advice being shared on how we can prevent this, and exercise extreme caution.