Green Drinks:
What are they? Qué significa? O qué que é?

Green Drinks 3 are three Green Drinks groups that meet in northeast New Jersey (Newark, Paterson-Clifton area and Hackensack). Each group meets once a month (except on Jewish and federal holidays).

Green Drinks in Paterson June 2012

Green Drinks

Are gatherings open to the public and admission is always free. At our meetings, collaborations are born and strategic actions may be planned, but there's never any pressure to take action. There are no membership dues to pay, we're not selling anything and people who come are welcome to stay for 20 minutes or two hours.

The word GREEN in Green Drinks refers to the environment and the words DRINKS is a British term for getting people together socially (Green Drinks started in England). Neither term refers to what we drink: we don't serve any green colored drinks or health drinks and most of us don't consume alcoholic beverages either. Our Paterson-Clifton location bans alcohol from the dining room.

Coming out to a Green Drinks gathering is an easy way to help build a friendly, sustainable community and learn more about the environments, and all are welcome. We enjoy seeing green industry professionals, city planners, Environmental Commission and Green Team members too.

Cost: Pay only for the food or drinks you order. Otherwise, the event is free.

Qué significa Green Drinks?

Green Drinks son informales eventos sociales que reunen gente para charlar sobre la sostentabilidad cómo vivir saludablemente en harmonía con la naturaleza y nuestra madre la tierra. Green Drinks facilitan el intercambio de ideas y estrategias "verdes" y las colaboraciones comunitarias e individuales. Conversamos sobre alternativos fuentes de energía, producción agrícola, la comida orgánica, hacer comprar locales y los empleos verdes y la justicia ambiental. Asistentes encontrarán una calurosa bienvenida y tendrán la oportunidad de conectarse con profesionales y expertos en varias diciplinas "verdes".

Costo: La entrada es sin pagar. Sólo se pagan la comida y bebidas que usted pide.

Qué é o Green Drinks?

Green Drinks são bate-papos dedicados ao tema de tópicos verdes y sustentáveis. Em nossas reuniões os asistentes benefician do redes sociais y conhecimentos dos outros asistentes. Todos são muito bem vindos.

Custo: Nenhuma taxa de admissão. Paga só à comida e bebidas que você solicite.

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Green Drinks 3 Organizers - Organizadores
Jorge Ivan Gomez Wei, Kimi Wei, Yulieth Peña, Angenett Washington and Sally Gellert. Email Facebook