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Wow Tips for repurposing & recycling

I have two pots I want to get rid of: first, a poor little sauce pot I burned to death. Burnt so bad the welded copper bottom fell right off the stainless steel body. Seems like I should have replaced it sooner because burnt pots can leech nickel and chromium, which are pretty nasty substances. Ah, well.

I didn’t know how to responsibly dispose of the burnt pot but in a couple of minutes, an internet search helped me learn that 1) my pot is considered scrap metal and 2) my town’s recycling center takes in scrap metal. In a quick call I learned that the DPW offers curbside pickup of even just one pot, or residents can drop off at the recycling yard. I’m going to drop off.

The other pot’s body is in perfect shape, except that its welded handle fell off. But because of the potential leeching issue when the pot’s stainless steel surface degrades, I’m going to scrap it rather than try to put it to a creative use.

While I was googling for a repurposing solution before I made that decision, I found these 41 fabulous tips for reusing and repurposing with some great ideas, and thought I’d share. This broken globe light is just one of them.
half globe lights