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Find your National Park & enjoy nature, Black History or general interest historical sites for free Aug 25-28

Great Falls Historical Park
Source: NPS

Find your National Park
Source: NPS
National Parks will celebrate 100 years of operation by opening their gates to visitors 25-28 August 2016 without an admission charge. National Parks aren’t just pretty places to commune with nature. They’re also sites of national historic interest or local significance, like Paterson’s Great Falls Historical Park and the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Kansas which offers tours and a study guide to honor this legendary amalgam of lawsuits which began in South Carolina but resulted in United States schools becoming segregated throughout the country.

African American Experience Fund
Source: AAEF of the NPS

The National Park Service (NPS) has a special fund set up to honor Black History in America, which supports 26 sites of historical significance:

The mission of the African American Experience Fund of the National Park Foundation is to preserve African American history by supporting education programs in National Parks that celebrate African American history and culture. There are 26 National Parks identified by the African American Experience Fund.

NatGeo invites you to share a photo to celebrate bio-diversity

celebrate biodiversityBetween May 15-25 go outside and take a photo of a wild insect, bird, animal, plant or fungus –anything as long as it’s wild – then post it to National Geographic’s Great Nature Project. You can upload at the GNP website or through iNaturalist.org or … there’s an app for that!

Use the iNaturalist App for Android or Apple to post your fotos right from the app.

Seed diversity means food security! Cool little movie tells why

Seed Diversity means Food Security! The best way to provide for enough good food across the globe is to let nature do what it was created to do. Seeds and crops adapt to environmental and geographical changes much better than anything man can invent. So let’s respect nature, and let food be food! If you don’t believe me, watch this little graphic cartoon. It’s very convincing.