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Here’s the new EJ Green Drinks flyer – what do you think?

Here’s a flyer I made up for EJ Green Drinks in north Jersey. What do you think of it?
Green Drinks flyerAnd by the way, Newark EJ Green Drinks happened last night on 02 May at Aguilas de México. We’ll be back there next month on June 6. Here’s the schedule for the rest of May:

Hackensack EJ Green Drinks
Monday 09 May 2016 7-9pm
Villa de Colombia
12 Mercer Street, Hackensack NJ

Paterson EJ Green Drinks
Wednesday 18 May 2016 7-9pm
Sultan Restaurant
429 Crooks Avenue, Paterson NJ

Remember to check out the 2016 NJ Urban Mayor’s Conference on Urban Ag, happening this week on Thursday, May 5 in Trenton.