Redford in A Walk in the Woods: hiking the Appalachian Trail

Robert Redford - A Walk In The WoodsI guess this film is not going to be a blockbuster but reviewers say A Walk in the Woods shows beautiful views of protected forest. It helps deliver Redford’s basic message to America: protect our natural treasures, because they’re worth protecting … and by the way, it stars Redford and Nick Nolte.

New York Times reviewer Manohla Dargis shares,

It’s a story about men and friendship, buoyed by (author) Mr. Bryson’s light self-amusement (he refers to his pre-walk years of “waddlesome sloth”) and smooth storytelling that encompasses bite-size histories, expansive lists, blue notes and zoological asides on loons, mountain lions and especially bears. It’s a pleasurable read and Mr. Bryson’s writing does what Ken Kwapis’s filmmaking can’t do, which is take you on the trail so that you too trudge, struggle and soar while observing flora and fauna and man’s inhumanity to each.

Released 02 Sept. Check out more reviews.

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